April 17, 2019- wrapping up our year, WIS music room


who participated behind the scenes & in the spotlight!  It was not possible without YOU!  THANK YOU!!

We had 2 student announcers, dozens of students (aka “stagehands”) who set up the show- worked during the show-

helped tear down and clean up after the show!   The students that performed during the Talent Show were ready for

the evening and they excelled!  I have had so many compliments from faculty, parents, family members and friends

express how well the students performed and conducted themselves!  WAY TO GO, WIS STUDENTS!

All fifth grade students have completed the DARE program and the last graduation for the school year was April 9th.

Have an amazing, fun-filled, and restful summer!  Can’t wait to see everyone back here in August!

Talent show try-outs next week! March 5-7



Pick up an audition form & get it returned ASAP. You must return the completed form

with parent signature and sign the wall by the music room by March 5! Don’t delay!

If you are selected to be in the WIS Talent Show, it will be the evening of April 4.


6th grade honor choir, I am so proud of you!!! Your concert at SBU, Bolivar, was

absolutely glorious!  You had so many compliments from your parents, the director,

Mr. Rew, the piano accompaniest & myself!!!  Over 250, 5th & 6th graders sang in 

your group! WOW! South Central Missouri has a great group of young singers!

Friday Choir Caroling & 6th grade honor choir

First semester is coming to a close & winter break is almost here!!

Friday choir went to sing Christmas/Holiday carols to the patients at the

Willard Care Center, Dec. 7th.  We handed out cards & ornaments while we were

singing. I know the choir had a great time & so did everyone at the Center. We

enjoyed cookies afterwards & enjoyed our Friday afternoon sharing the love of

music with others. Friday choir will end Dec. 14.  I want to say a special

“THANK YOU” to our 6th graders in Friday Choir; thank you for being leaders &

I have enjoyed having you in choir. I hope you continue your love for singing in

Middle/High School Choirs.

6th grade SCMMEA Honor Choir will start rehearsing next week, Dec. 14. Those

students need to turn in their commitment contracts & registration fee. Please call

or email Ms. Morris if you have any questions about that.

WIS Friday Choir Club & 6th grade honor choir auditions

WIS Friday Choir Club— we meet every Friday morning at 7:30am.

Yes, I said 7:30am. This is a club of students that want to sing for the Veterans

Day Assembly in November and we will go Holiday Caroling in December. This club

meets first semester only. You must have a signed permission form to be in Friday Choir.

We begin at 7:30am, at 8:10 those students that regularly eat school breakfast will be dismissed,

everyone else will stay & sing until the 8:20 bell rings. Please see Ms. Morris, WIS music teacher,

if you are interested. (I will not accept any permission forms after Oct. 12)


6th grade honor choir– audition forms will be ready for pickup on Monday, Oct. 8. Here is a sample;

October 8, 2018

Dear Sixth Grade Students and Parent/Guardian:

This letter is to announce that I will be having tryouts for SCMMEA Sixth Grade Honor Choir,

Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2018. This will be Immediately BEFORE or AFTER school. I will have to have a signed permission slip from you in order for your child to audition with me. Tryouts will last 5 minutes for each student.  Look carefully at your time choices at the bottom of the page.

For the audition, you will sing a scale, eight measures of a patriotic song(I will provide) and tonal memory

I am only allowed to select 16 students to represent our school and attend the SCMMEA Honor Choir Concert on Saturday, February 23, 2019 at Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, MO. The Saturday rehearsal is an all day event. The parent/guardian is highly encouraged to be at the Saturday afternoon 4:00 concert. You will want to hear these beautiful singers!       It requires a lot of commitment & dedication to ensure their success at the concert. (I realize this seems like a small number due to our enrollment!) Please check your calendar & make sure you can attend the rehearsals & the concert. If we have several conflicts, I will let you know ASAP with a new schedule.

If you are selected, you must  attend 12 of these rehearsals;

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday==Dec.—Feb. 7:30-8:20am or 3:30-4:30pm.

I will be taking attendance at these rehearsals. If you are selected, you will sign a commitment contract along with a $25. fee. This covers your lunch,tshirt,registration fee & practice CD. (If you have questions about the fee, please contact myself or Mr. Davis, principal)

Thank you for making music a part of your child’s life,

Mrs. Dina Morris-WIS music  (phone 742-4242, ext# 2064)

++++++++++  PLEASE SIGN & RETURN BY OCT. 29+++++++++++++++++++

My child,_______________________may tryout for 6th grade SWMMEA Honor choir.

__________________________Parent/Guardian Signature   phone#__________________

My child would like to audition on: (write down a 5 minute time please!)

Monday, Oct. 29 (7:55-8:20am, or 3:00-5:00)__________________________________

Tuesday, Oct. 30 (7:55-8:20am, or 3:30-6:00pm)________________________________

Wednesday, Oct. 31 (7:55-8:20am, or 3:30-5:30pm)_______________________________

Thursday, Nov.1 (7:55-8:20am, or 3:30-4:45pm)__________________________________


Make sure your child has a ride home if staying after school, the audition

is only 5 minutes long.  (or attends tiger paws)